Intelligent House Design

a smart house is ready for your tasks
Схема умного дома

Each owner of a country house or apartment that wishes to establish a smart house system seeks to meet a specific challenge. We propose ready solutions that will take into account your objectives and enable us to achieve the minimum cost. By drawing attention to the ready solutions for the smart house, you acquire the technology that can have the following functions:

  • Lighting and electrical devices;
  • Nightlight at home or apartment;
  • Management of heating appliances;
  • Fire alarm;
  • Automatic management of climate equipment;
  • Water leak control;
  • Managed pity;
  • Radionuary (Multirum);
  • Control of the roof;
  • Automatic opening of the gate;
  • Video surveillance system, etc.

The " smart house " (prepared solutions) is proposed at democratic cost and can be fixed within a minimum time frame. With energy savings, the system is paid in less than five years!

Smart house in SPB is modern.

According to statistics, more and more understandable people care to establish a smart house. And that's not surprising, because it's a good decision that has many virtues:

  • It's comforting and homework. The " smart house " (Smart House rulings) excludes virtually all routine processes that take priceless minutes of home rest;
  • Security is increasing. Special decisions will protect the house from fire, water leaks or thefts;
  • There's a decrease in the utility fee. The smart house can serve as a long-term investment, as the system economizes energy and thus has a specific life of pay;
  • The status and cost of the house is increasing. If you decided to sell the house soon, the installation of the Smart House in St Petersburg would significantly increase both the cost of the house and its attractiveness in the eyes of potential buyers.

Just, easy, comfortable.

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