Which Is Part Of A Smart House In The System

What does that include?

Схема автоматизации в системе Умный домThey say that every house is like its owner: in an old lady's apartment every chair breathes cozy, a representative mansion of a successful businessman demonstrates efficiency and self-confidence, and the art studio of a young artist fully reflects his creative mindset.

At the same time, every good master's hands don't work separately from his head: the eyes see, the ears hear, the brain makes decisions and gives the team to his body. This is the best result of work: the integration of all organism systems into one whole leads to optimal functioning.

Harmonize life-support systems in this way, control the home, monitor it on the Internet or through remote surveillance, programme the interaction of different systems of the house and their behaviour, depending on time, weather or, say, the master ' s attitude, is not working today. Do it under the smart house system.

The smart house system is a high-tech system that combines all communications into one and puts it under the control of artificial intelligence, programmed and built to the needs and wishes of the master.

Heating, lighting, plumbing, alarming in the apartment can all be centralized by the installation of the smart house.

Do you want to light the upper light in the living room at night, and the daylight only burns the desk lamp in the office? You'd rather warm your feet in the kitchen chair in the winter, and in the fall you won't be dying in the bedroom? Do you want to be able to turn the heater on the Internet to make the room warm up for your arrival?

Or, say, you want to be notified by the SMS of the sudden power cuts or the alarm? At this time, it is not necessary to hire a full-cost state of service and security, all of which will make the smart house intellectual.

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