Smart House Management System

What's a smart house?
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Modern apartments, apartments, cottages, extra-urban houses are a complex engineering complex that requires skilled operation. The intelligent home will remove your energy management, heating, water and sanitation, ventilation and air conditioning. With domestic automation, each smart house system works in concert with the rest, optimum, saving time and money. Such dwellings are removed from undetected leaks, batteries will not inadvertently heat the open window space, and wireless technologies will allow the owner to immediately know any unsatisfactory situation through remote warning.

HMPS Home specialists carry out:

♪ Construction of smart house systems;
:: Integration of all engineering systems (lights, storm/plus drives, climate control, security, multimedia, telecommunications) into a single set and their coordinated work;
:: Programming of work scenarios for all systems;
:: Organization of a centralized management of smart house equipment from hajets or wall panels;
• Service.

Что же умеет умный дом?

The SmartHouse technology (Smart House) will deliver almost everything you can imagine. Or if it's more detailed, the artificial intellect system can operate any device that can be controlled by electricity. From basic life-support systems to entertainment and hobby, from security to climate management, all this house machine will take over.

HMPS Home establishes the following systems:

♪ Light group control;
♪ Storm management;
♪ Light control depending on external lighting;
♪ The button " turn everything off " ;
♪ Lighting management, depending on the level of lighting in the premises and the presence of people;
♪ Control with sensor panel or gadget.

♪ Internal and external video surveillance;
♪ Fire alarm;
• Domophony;
♪ Access control;
♪ Passive safety (protection from water leaks, gas, CO level).

• Videolum;
• Audiomultrum;
• Mediaste;
♪ Home movie theater.

♪ Climate control;
♪ Moisture, ionization;
♪ Common climate management system in housing.


♪ Television (ether, satellite);
Phone (wiring, wireless);
♪ Internet (conductor), wifi;

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