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Building Management System
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Economic justification for building management system (small house)

To date, it is often possible to hear a discussion of aspects related to the establishment of systems for the automation of buildings and structures integrated into a single effective complex, known as an intellectual building. Given the large number of terms and concepts used, we will again determine what this is. The intelligent building will be referred to as a house (building) where there is a freely planned inter-system interface mechanism. In other words, a building in which we can quickly and with minimal laborators change the reaction of one system to events or processes occurring in another. To date, such knowledge management complexes have been established in Russia mainly for reasons of prestige or as justification of the money allocated. However, in any normal society with a healthy economy, the economic viability of the project is at the heart of the system ' s choice and the cost-effectiveness of the project, particularly through resource saving, with the current increase in energy prices. In other words, when choosing what building - basic (usual) or intellectual, the main criterion should be economic. The subject of this article is an attempt to describe how to calculate the economic efficiency of the intellectual building.
It would be a mistake to think that the base building is a primitive building. If you read carefully the definition of an intelligent building, there's nothing about the level of the machines used inside the building's life support systems. If accurate, even the base building can be built on a costly, efficient and forward elementary base, but the links between systems are either missing or implemented with primitive and hardness, without the possibility of changing them quickly and efficiently.
First, we'll turn to the history of intellectual buildings. As everyone knows, the Lucent Company, since the early 1990s, has produced work called Intelligent Building, where, among other things, it has declared the purchase of an intellectual building within a period not exceeding three years. The findings of Lucent were based on cost calculations for alteration and reprofiling of existing premises in a large office building. They reviewed two buildings - basic (usual) and intellectual - in two scenarios. The first option is a slight change in user needs over time, and the second is a significant change in user needs during the operation of the building. Thus, we have four cases identified in the present. ♪ ♪

In calculating economic efficiency, we will be based on the fact that the average statistical officer spends 3 weeks per year (6% of time) in hospital (official or informal). If people in the office building are considered to be productive, they have an economic impact of 4 per cent of the annual profits from the building, assuming that the disease decreases 3 times. Real figures can be much higher (up to 9 weeks of sickness per year, i.e. up to 9 times or 16 per cent of annual earnings).

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