Technology Project 7 Is A Smart House

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By 2020, every fifth house in Europe and every third in the United States will become " smart " . The Russian Ministry estimates the domestic market for smart houses of 7 to 10 billion roubles by 2017. According to some estimates, only 5 per cent of housing in Moscow and 2 per cent in Russia are intellectual. Experts note that the market development barrier has become a high cost of smart house systems. In addition, possible savings at low resource tariffs, and as a consequence the cost of such decisions, are questionable in Russia, in contrast to Europe, where green technologies have led to a loss of resources. The domestic consumer therefore chooses intellectual housing for greater comfort.

Housing in the West is fast

1.jpgTechnavio Research Company, in its January report, reported that about 90 per cent of the world ' s " smart " houses were located in Western Europe and North America. The total number of " smart " houses in these regions in 2015 was 17.9 million, followed by Berg Insight.

Number of smart houses in the United States and Europe, 2014-2020, ppm

At the end of 2015, the number of smart houses in Europe was estimated at 5,3 million. By 2020, 20 per cent or 44, 9 million households in Europe will become intellectual by that time. In North America, the 2015 subscription base for smart houses was 12.7 million.2.png It's 56% more than a year ago. By 2020, 35% of all households or 46, 2 million North America will be " smart " .

ABI ' s analysts estimated that most of the market ' s income would be sold in the area of " smart " houses until 2020. At the same time, the profits of enterprises from the construction of the smart house will grow three. The emergence of " collateral " solutions, which the user is in a position to install himself, can only damage the market by depriving service companies of income.

Comparison of smart house and security market, billion roubles

In Russia, according to Mikhail I estimates, the head of the Minstroya RF, the market segment of " smart " houses in 2013 reached 3, 7 billion roubles, and by 2017 it will grow to 7-10 billion roubles. Direct Info estimated the national market for smart house systems as a result of 2014 in Euro86 million. This amount does not include equipment suppliers and installation fees.

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