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Conversion of research and project works " New ideas festival "
Дома, здания памятники

Our competition was thanks to the victory in the Rosatom School for the talented children of the cities.

From 22 to 24 April 2014, in the city of Sinai Bor, the final stage of the competition was completed in more than three months.

The main objectives of the competition were:

  • Identification and promotion of promising ideas offered by the participants;
  • motivating inventive skills, developing learning and creative activities;
  • Developing project, research and innovation skills, public presentation, presentation of results;

Project evaluations were conducted in four sections:

  • energy-saving technologies, automation, robots, smart house system
  • computer programmes, databases, sytoss
  • Ecology, medicine, health
  • Technical creativity, invention and rationalization

and two age categories:

  • 6-8 classes
  • 9-11 classes

The basic criterion for selecting and evaluating projects is novelty of ideas, its usefulness and the feasibility of implementation.

A dedicated site has been established to inform the competition The website registered participants, provided all necessary information on its progress, stages and results. The site thus served as an information space for the competition.

The competition was divided into three phases: the clock, the distance and the couch. This multi-stage selection of the best was carried out because participants were given the right to carry out their project throughout the competition rather than presenting the completed version.


A passport and annotations of a project describing its idea were required to be submitted in absentia. Of the 64 participants registered to participate in the competition, the Office selected 50 best projects to participate in the next, remote phase. The picture of the winners of the absentee phase of the competition was presented by 15 cities: Basic Bor 14 projects, Sarows 10 projects, Novouralsk - 5 projects, Jeleznyorsk, Dimitrovgrad and Volgodonsk - 3 projects, Desnyarsk, Sarzečka and Trekhgorny - 2 projects, Udlsk, Lakes, Lesna, Zelensk,

Remote phase.

The distance phase was held on 13 and 14 March 2014 and was online to protect project participants using the Rosatom School Internet Service.

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