Draft Smart House

Development of a metric project for a fully free smart house
Проект умный дом Hello, Habrasunity!

For more than 10 years, I've had the idea of making such a smart house project so that anyone who wants to collect a full prototype from manual material.
Most recently, in dealing with some Habrassociation representatives, the idea was adjusted to something that would not be too bad for a mass blog where everyone could leave their ideas about the reality (in this case, I even raised the libel on the sub-domen of my personal domain today, because I had not yet come up with a name for the project, taking into account its new specificity) + to this certain vault. There's already a Gentoo's layman's repository to this case, plus this "birge" where people are far from being piled, but wanting a smart house, could find some people who want to work as a pine shop in their town:
An additional bonus would be to bring together (to the extent possible all) people working on the topic under one roof to share ideas and experiences.

Up until now, the support group consisted, intact, of a " half " anoni of radio electronics (working in different NIs) separated between IRC, Jabber " and all forums. There was a Wiki once, but it happened that she died.

In this regard, a set of radio electronics, theoretics in automate housing and sympathizers is being announced.

So, by the way, a new name contest is being announced for the project. Until recently, he had a code name called SHL (Smarty Home Linux), later, since his wife was introduced, he (as a sort of I.I.) received the name of Alex (in honor of two of my sons and, in addition, with Alice). However, neither the code name nor the name for the home identification can be the name of the project, as I think:

From the current work of the project, mainly a bunch of theories that will need to be recovered from the memory of the participants, a set of programmes for the Atmel'ov micro controllers, a bunch of purchased sensors, a bunch of notes on the Réome-related software (including the menu of the several libraries associated with the Sphinopice)

Ah, yes, most importantly, the basic idea is to make it modular (and iron and soft) so that at least one " taste " analog for each bush. To prevent anyone from dictating their intelligent home.

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