Where To Buy Equipment A Smart House

How to order a smart house
Умный дом — это идеальный
  • In the Personal Office: Download data on your object, home, apartment, office, etc. This could be the plans of the premises, project files in any format, your wishes and preferences.
  • If you want to make a preliminary calculation on your own, go to the Personal Office to the Consignment Note and calculate the value of the kits required for your facility on the basis of your wishes.
  • Next, all data are automatically stored and accessed to our specialists. They process them and propose solutions. Once all points have been agreed, you have a design bill and you pay it.
  • The design of a smart house is under way. You can track your work in the office. Project files will be downloaded to the Personal Office at the end of work.
  • As a result of the design, you will receive specifications for equipment and the cost of construction and programming services smart house kitdelivery. At this stage, you pay for equipment and services and delivery.
  • When you get the equipment, you set it up on your own instructions or order it from a regional dealer.
  • Congratulations. Your smart house is ready.
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Где дешевле #купить технику #Broadlink.
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