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The technology of the smart house is designed to maximize comfort for the owners of the apartment or home. It will save time for domestic work, because it is now the responsibility of an automate that manages and controls many domestic processes.

The Smart House is an integrated technical solution through software and hardware. These include: electricity users, domestic and technical appliances, various subsystems, engineering devices that are integrated into a single house management system.

The design of a smart house using HDL equipment is not an easy task, as it has a simple architecture under all its rich functionality and has popular contact points. Project smart house with equipment HDL can create a normal person.

The smart house technology includes control subsystems:
- light;
- audio and video systems;
Safety (infrared sensors, leak detectors, motions);
- Garage gates;
- video surveillance;
- Climate;
- "show-room" and other possibilities.

1. Full functional monitoring

The smart house runs all the systems it's fitted. Resources will be spent diligently in the development of functioning systems, with savings of up to 40 per cent per year. Light management, audio and video systems, security, climate and other technology is possible through smart house technology.

2. Professional lighting

The building of such a system allows for more efficient and cost-effective use of electricity, resulting in a significant reduction in the electricity consumption of the house as a whole. Smart lighting has several construction scenarios: illuminating the whole house; lighting the dormitory or its specific part; dried light in separate rooms; disturbing moments around the house or other regimes individually built by the master.

Control wall

The panel offers many management opportunities. Simply pressed for several buttons allows the system to be programmed for certain teams. For example, the inclusion of TV or the performance of a light scenario (all room illumination). The more complex development of the system is the inclusion of a large regime that launches a variety of systems (climate, lighting, shoe-room, etc.)

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