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автоматизации «Умный Дом

Programming of the various complexities of building automation software, building engineering systems and facilities, i.e.:

  • Reading and understanding of construction project documents Engineering Systems;
  • formalization of customer ' s wishes, modelling and algorithms;
  • Programming of logical counterparts;
  • Construction and programming of graphic interfaces of automation systems.
  • Documentation of completed works in line with GOST

Qualification requirements:

1. Higher education in one of the following fields:

  • Automated management systems;
  • Computing equipment;
  • Robotics;
  • Applied mathematics;

or related.

  • Knowledge of the mathematical apparatus for the construction of automation systems and its practical application.
  • Logistics counterpart programming skills.
  • Graphic interface programming skills in one of the high-level languages.
  • Experience with SCADA systems is welcomed.
  • Experience in building and managing small local area networks. Windows server server. Internet locks, mail servers, network security.
  • AMX, Beckhoff, LON, EIB/KHX, Control4 welcomed
  • A certain technical English.

Personal quality

  1. Wishing to study.
  2. Smart talk to the customer.
  3. Truth and decency.
  4. Organisation.
  5. Mobility. The availability of a personal car is welcomed.

Conditions of work

  1. Work at the office with site visits.
  2. Full or partial employment.
  3. Reimbursement of telephone calls, transportation costs.
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