Smart Home Delivery Equipment

A miracle device or why read the instruction
The discussion of the rental of land-for-ground equipment has stalled:

♪ Something doesn't want to get started, I'm talking about it, and I'm gonna take it out, see, and then I'm gonna get it, and I'm gonna start it!

♪ Why do you do that? We need to get to the computer and read the instructions to him, maybe it's easy enough!

♪ Why would I have an instruction? I've taken these devices for my life and packed a bunch of them! I can handle this myself!

♪ Why do you need to figure out if smart people's been in it for a while, and even the books were written using it?

It could last indefinitely if it hadn't been the night that was supposed to be coming home soon. They agreed to deal with the miracle device next time.

Why does a cosma find a stone?

Yuri Burlan ' s systemic psychology explains these phenomena. Every person is the bearer of one or more vectors who determine his behaviour and value system in life. The vector is a set of man's congenital properties and desires. It's eight. Let's try to elaborate on why people see the world so differently.

Engineering Torops

The man who's trying to figure things out here and now, "not leaving the cassay," and without losing time for reading, is the wearer of the leather vector. His desire is to make it quick. It's easy to switch from one case to another, and he wants to get the result quicker. Why waste time reading any instructions? We can figure it out!

The leathers are very often inventors, engineers and creators of all new technologies on the ground. The logical thinking of nature makes it possible to deal with any mechanism. Under the appropriate skills, of course.

Therefore, the holder of the leather vector quickly understands what vitics need to be turned and that the equipment should be wrapped and earned. He immediately draws up a plan in his head to make an effective result. Quality doesn't play. I wish I had earned it fast and had it for the moment.

When we returned home, it is likely that our dignitary immediately forgot about the problems with the gifted equipment by doing more useful things.

Proper and patient reader

The second person who calls for a reading of the instructions is the carrier of the anal vector. For him, the authority is the written word or opinion of a respected man, a professional.

According to Yuri Burlan's system and vector psychology, these people are in a hurry, dissuasive and cautious. They don't throw their heads in the scam and can spend a lot of time trying to figure out their issue. Through good memory and analytical thinking, they can gather information from the past and transmit it to the future. Anal vector owners often become scientists, teachers, analysts.

They're all doing very well, trying to make perfect. To the point. So, when he came home, the second person just opened the Internet, dialed the name of the desired equipment and received a complete and understandable instruction to use it. When he printed it, he stacked the stacks, cleaned it up, and put it in the file, so he'd throw his knowledge on the next exit, as long as the leather jumper was able to handle the miracle device.

It should be added that the owners of the anal vector generally have gold hands. Well, if they're going to fix it, they'll do good for a century.

People need things, people are important!

Nothing in the world just happens. The movement of people with certain vectors or vectors is due to their lack of social status. Jury Burlan's system and vector psychology shows that they are in a certain percentage relationship and that balance is always maintained. We couldn't develop if there weren't people with different mentalities.
Leather vector riders are needed to implement new plans and ideas, to create new technologies. They're managers who can't seem to be able to control the team and motivate it to act. They can command the shelves and create state laws, design bridges and run business.

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