Smart House Equipment

How do you know the price of the smart house?
Оборудование для умного дома
  • On your way out of the house, you're gonna have a switch with a shutdown function. So you don't have to circumvent all the rooms to clear the left light, or the warm floor, or the appliances included.
  • If you had a classic electric power, there would be a whole "clothed piano" on the wall. One smart switch can replace four-ra and more conventional switches with the possibility of writing and pictograms for your purposes.
  • Dynamic lighting enables the lighting level to be adjusted from 0 per cent to 100 per cent. Lighting may be used to create a mood and a special atmosphere. At night, when the motion sensor is activated, the light shall be switched on only 30 per cent to avoid discomfort for the eye.
  • Including EOM

The presence sensors when the lights turn on. You don't have to find a switch in the dark, the light turns on and turns off. You win twice because you save electricity. Typically, sensors are provided in the sanusle as well as in the hall and the wardrobe.

You don't need to get up and close the curtains before sleeping, you need to press one key or use your iPad.

It's easier for the curtains to open and close the engine if they're loud and heavy.

On the road, the office or on vacation, You can manage your home remotely and monitor the electrical appliances included with iPad.

Landscape lighting, gas spill and other elements of your dwelling will be managed Smart house system Dependency on the level of sunlight.

All climatic installations will work as a whole. Reminds a similar variation in the vehicle - you just set the required temperature, and the smart house itself, depending on the time of the year, includes a conditioner, or heating, or a warm floor.

In addition, state air conditioning pools can finally be replaced by beautiful design switches.

The Audiomultrum system allows for the use of music in the chosen premises. Sound sources can be radio, iPod, CD player. There's a couple of columns in the ceiling room. You can use acoustic cinema.

All bullets in the Home Cinema Zone (TV remote, Blu-ray/CD player, satellite reciver, AV reciver, FM Tuner) are replaced by a single sensor pulse.

The system ensures both remote on-line viewing of images from cameras (PC, iPad) and recording of the archive. Video surveillance is most commonly used when the house is served by visiting staff or if there is a nanny.

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