Smart Country House Projects

Проекты домов

The smart house (intelligent building) is a single automated management system that ensures that all engineering structures operate in a coordinated manner through the use of appropriate state-of-the-art equipment.

One of the basic principles of the system ' s work is to recognize and respond to specific situations in the building. The functions of monitoring, receiving and transmitting various information on safety, temperature and humidity of air, lighting, water, energy, audio, video and many other information, analysis of the situation, depending on the installations assigned to it by the operator, determine further scenarios of all components of the device.

Installation of such a system enables:
  • Full control of the home ' s security systems with automatic operation (monitoring, homephone, building control, automatic control and correction of malfunctions in engineering systems (water flow, gas leakage), fire protection and many others);
  • Creation of different scenarios of work, both for the system as a whole and for the individual components of the work (Outron, Wecher, Family Dinner, Week, etc.).

Introduction to the smart house

The Innovative Engineering System " Smart House " , linking unprecedented comfort, sophisticated style, high technology, creates a new intellectual habitat that changes at the will of its owners.

In today ' s environmental environment, frequent repetition of uneven routines leads to negative factors such as stress, discomfort and loss of precious time.

The " smart house " , through its functional and simple management of devices, offers unique opportunities for maximizing the comfort and aestheticity of the country ' s home, its security, convenience of premises, savings in operating costs and many other resources, ensuring protection from both external threats and internal disruptions of the system. In addition, the least significant advantage is the ability, in real time, to obtain information from designated sensors, to manage any equipment and to control safety outside the country ' s home.

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