The Practical Project Is The Smart House Of The Arduino

The future has already begun

More recently, the hidden dream of electrons was the creation of equipment in the house, which would certainly be carried out by our teams with a single command. How old! With the advent of the Internet, the entire " smart house " system can be controlled remotely, located in the office, outside the city, leaving or on a ski track in Kurshavel.

What is this fantastic system? Its main component is the Apduino hardware platform, an electronic design tool. Schemes are issued with Creative Commons license. Its opportunities are now quite universal and have a tendency to expand functionally.

Real possibilities of an " smart house " automatic system:

  • Maintaining an optimum comfort climate in a dwelling;
  • literate lighting, where the lights are switched on and off when not required;
  • free regulation from the remote or smartphone of the electronic household equipment installed in the house;
  • Pludge management, ventilation;
  • 24-hour video surveillance on the designated landing perimeter and in the house;
  • To ensure the safety of access routes and to report the infiltration of strangers.

Even in a store, the hijacking master can look in his refrigerator to decide how to replenish his food and drinks, see if he's got a lifetime.

The landlords are creating unique " smart house " projects for offices, apartments, multi-sets, cottage crops, hotels, car parks. They can't stop by continuing to improve and modify the machine.

All complex parts of equipment, " brains " systems are hidden from the outside eye and are installed where the customer is comfortable. It uses technology only from leading domestic and global producers:

  • Controllers with extension modules from Cybrotech from Britain;
  • The machine is based on ABB, Legrand, Schneider Electric.

The entire control is on a sensor-based computer and synchronized with a smartphone.

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