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20 reasons for jewish genius, doc, engineer of your souls.

What's the secret of Jewish genius? Jews accounted for only 0.2 per cent of humanity, but they received 14 per cent of the Nobel Prizes in the first half of the 20th century, 29 per cent in the second half and 32 per cent in the early 21st century.

Since the development of the IQ test, measuring intellectual capacity, it has proved that Jews have unusually high. The average IQ is 100 points, but the average IQ of Jews is 110, the percentage of Jews with IQ 140 and above is six times greater than the rest of the nationalities. In 1954, 28 children with IQ 170 and above were found in New York schools, 24 of which were Jewish.

Murray rejects the theory of " natural selection " , arguing that " prosecutions forced Jews to drain intelligence to survive " . Intelligt could not help Jews survive during the pogroms, but the most successful people were the first victims of looting and violence.
LiveJournal MosheKam provided 20 hypotheses explaining the geniuses of Jews, which deserved close scrutiny.

1. Vivilon Eugenic

In 586 before N.E. Jerusalem was completely destroyed by Vavilon under the administration of Navovovodhonosora, who " evicted ... all [Jews] officers and soldiers and all carpenters and blacks... except the poor people of the land. " (2 Circles 24: 10-14).

The Jews of the first Diaspora succeeded during the reference to Babylon. Max Dimont (Max Dimont) states in his book, " In the libraries of Babylon, Jewish intellectuals have opened up a world of new ideas. In five decades, wed Jews have been at the top of Babylon society, in entrepreneurship, in science and culture. They have become leaders in trade, academics, rulers ' advisers. "

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