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Система умный домThe smart house is a system of devices connected to the Internet that can be managed remotely. The establishment of such a house reminds the designer: different configurations from the modules can be created and a wide variety of systems can be produced. According to Deutsche Telekom, by 2020, some Euro122 billion will be spent on smart houses. A new profession, a designer of a smart house, described in a pre-date yearly broadcast of "I'll be taught," produced by Business FM and "The New Job Laboratory" with the support of the MER.

The task of a smart house designer is to "friend" different parts of the system, for example, a fridge with a tyrant tracker, and a washing machine. "If a specialist in this field is well-trained in the field of security, "it is important that the head of the Innovative Ecosystem Development Service, Georgia Goglev. - "My house is my fortress" - that principle always existed. Smart houses offer many opportunities: to monitor their homes, to monitor locks, to regulate window transparency through Dynamic Glass, to include water remotely. But all these functions can be used against you. That's why all engineers working in this field should carefully consider security matters," the expert says.

They teach the professions of designer of smart houses, for example at Duke University (North Carolina, USA). The Duke Smart Home Program operates for students, where students create and investigate how to use technology in the house. There are several courses on Udemy's online platform that teach how to make your home smart. In Russian, the prospective profession can be learned in the Queen: the company Luxury Systems, one of the leading producers of smart house systems, has a five-day course that can examine the basic principles of such systems.

It is possible to listen to a program about this profession:

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