Smart Guest House

Vitalia has shown us a flat in the kyiv where he lives with his wife and three children, his thieve (12 years), league (9) and maxim (7)

In the guests of Clycco, a 3-story apartment with a dome, a stone and a smart house, Shkapa Stanislav Vitaly Clycco showed us an apartment in Kiev, where he lives with the wife of Natalia and three children, Hisrom (12 years), Lisa (9) and Maxim (7)

Vitaly Klićko in the kitchen of his Kiev apartment

We've been dreaming of visiting Vitalia Clycco for a long time. Still, it's an unusual three-story apartment in a re-established mansard near the Kiev Opera. The way home meets a restored blind and elevator - it was never before, and the comfort temperature in the apartment supports a smart house system. There's a Ukrainian boxer living with Natalia's wife and three kids, Egora, Lisa and Maxim.

♪ This house of 1901 was designed by Architect Andrei Crows, telling Vitalia. - It was built for the long-term handing over of apartheid as a profitable house. During World War II, the building was hit by an incendiary bomb, the mansard burned completely. After the war, it wasn't until the historic reconstruction of the buildings. The building was on a flat roof, painted in a green colour - when a beautiful home became not the most attractive. I lived on the Harkovskaya before 2000. The capital ' s entire activity is concentrated in the centre, and the road was long enough. I tried to find a place in the center. An acquaintance showed me an old picture of this house-- I didn't even recognize it first. They told me there were historical sketches, a plan. And if I'm gonna take full house rebuilding, I'm gonna be allowed to build a mansard. I like that option, and I've taken over the reconstruction.

♪ Isn't that the easy part?
♪ Twelve trucks of junk have been removed from the attic, which has not accumulated more than half a century! And old barber chairs and beds and half-destructed closets. But the jewelry box, unfortunately, has not been found. The insides were re-established, the elevator was installed, which was never before. They've rebuilt the mansard. When I got back in 2001 after another fight, and the building forests from the facade were already removed, I didn't recognize the building, the old green facade was no longer. It's really starting to look old and historical. Reconstruction took about a year.

♪ Did you get a dime?
♪ Not cheap, but in construction, I was assisted by my rivals in the ring of that period, Bird, Hoffmann, Norris. The fee was invested in reconstruction. Anyway, if I did all this now, the amount would have gone up once more.

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