Smart House Of Moscow
Умный дом - разработка is an international company that develops an intellectual assistant for a smart house. Our offices are located in the Cremniova Valley and in Moscow. As a result of 2015, RUSBASE included us in TOP 8 promising start-ups in Russia. In the United States of America, the Cubic Robotics project was written by such publications as Fast Company, Entrepreneur and The Guardian.

The company has a new generation natural speech technology. The technology allows for a natural dialogue between man and machine, as well as a graphic and voice interface through a common context.

On the basis of these technologies, Cubic Robotics creates a Cubic-mobile application that allows the management of light, climate and domestic appliances through voice and natural speech. The user can just say, "Include the evening light on the first floor," or ask, "Have I forgotten to close the garage?"

Benefits of Cubic Robotics:

  • Wages above the market with the dollar
  • Support programme for key staff
  • Work on the verge of technological trends (AI, NLP, Internet)
  • Work on Creme Valley Standards, lean, agile and continuous integration
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