Buy A Smart House In A Mosquito

Automation of buildings

Intelligent Dom public technology is the general name of the intellectual automation complex, which is responsible for the operation of equipment and engineering communications. The equipment developed is designed to automate domestic and engineering processes in the working and residential buildings.

The " smart house " for an apartment, a cattle or a working room provides an opportunity to monitor heating, lighting, ventilation, cooling, communications, electricity, door opening and closing, multimedia equipment. The advantage is that virtually any equipment can be connected to an engineering complex. The project will enable the device to operate according to the user ' s wishes.


Before you buy a smart house system in Moscow, learn about its benefits, including:

  • Simple control. Several programmed actions are being launched as a key to the module manager (transportable gadget, screen, wall panel). The convenience is that it is possible to launch the scenario remotely;
  • Control costs and savings in electricity consumption. The value of the smart house management system is high, but it is a literate investment that reduces the cost of operating the building and increases its sales cost. For example, automated equipment saves electricity from 20 to 40 per cent. Intelligent technical solutions provide an opportunity to monitor expenditure and other resources and to respond in time to non-staff situations;
  • safety and comfort. Engineering capabilities allow for the creation of an absolute comfort space through the operation of all instruments and communication in a user-friendly mode. The user is also able to prevent situations that may be caused by a human factor or by the operation of technical devices.

Cost calculation

If you choose to buy a smart house, you need to identify the elements that will be included in it. For example, the cost of the smart house for the apartment would be different from that of the boiler, as it would include different elements.

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